Trading process stock market ppt

Trading process stock market ppt

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The Trading Procedure on a Stock Exchange – Explained!

WHAT IS STOCK EXCHANGE? Definition of Stock Exchange: Stock exchanges helps the companies to raise their fund.

Trade And Settlement Process

Therefore the companies needs to list themselves in the StockExchange and the shares will be issued which is known as equity ora ordinary share and these shareholders are the real owners of thecompany the Board Of Directors of the Company are elected out ofthese Equity Shareholders only.

In India it was establishedin with 22 stock brokers opposite to town hallBombay. This stock exchange is known as oldest stockexchange of Asia. He is one acts as a intermidiary on behalf of others. A broker in a stock exchange ,is a commission agent who transacts business in securities on behalf of non members. He is not allowed to deal with the public directly. He deals with brokers who are engaged with the investors.

Thus, the securities is bought by the jobber from members and sells to members who are operating on the stock exchange as broker. It is the transaction of members to buy or sell securities on stock exchange with a view to make profits to anticipated raise or fall in price of securities. The dealer in stock exchange who indulge in speculation are called speculator.

They do not take delivery of securities purchased or sold by them , but only pay or rescue the difference between the purchase price and sale price. He is called as bull because his activities resembles as a bull ,as the bull tends to throw its victims up in the air through itshorns. In simple the bull speculator tries to raise the price ofsecurities by placing a big purchase orders.

He is called as bear because his altitude resembles with bear , as the bear tends to stamp its victims down to earth through its paws.

In simple the bear speculator forces of prices of securities to fall through his activities.

The Trading Procedure on a Stock Exchange – Explained!

He is just like a bull speculator. He applies large number of shares in the issue market only by paying , application money , allotment money.

He is not a genuine investor because , he sells the alloted securities at the premium and makes profit. In simple he is cautious in his dealings. He creates an artificial rise in prices of new shares and makes profits. This happens when the prices do not fall as expected by the bear and the other party is not willing to postpone the settlement to the next period.

LONDON STOCK EXCHANGEIt was the first stock exchange established byeast India company in 18th century in London. BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE It is oldest and first stock exchange of India established in the year First it was started under baniyan tree opposite to town hall of Bombay over 22 stock brokers.

The top gainer in BSE is companies in that GMR infra is first NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE OF INDIA NSE OR NSEI The NSE of India is the leading stock exchange of India, covering cities and towns in the country. It was established in as a TAX company. It was established by 21 leading financial institutions and banks like the IDBI,ICICI,IFCI,LIC,SBI,etc.

OVER-THE-COUNTER EXCHANGE OF INDIA OTCEI The OTCEI is a national,ringless and computerized stock exchange. It was established in october, It is a nation-wide stock exchange. Its operational areas cover entire India. It is a ringless stock exchange. The trading ring i.

trading process stock market ppt

It is a computerized stock exchange Advantages of OTCEI1. It helps the investors to have easy and direct access to the stock exchange2. It helps investors to get fair prices for their securities3. It provide safety to the investors4. To provide computerized trading system5.

trading process stock market ppt

To provide investors a convenient,effcient and transparent mode of investment On 31st january,,it was made a statutory body by the Securities and Exchange board of India Act, How to see the value ofshares in stock exchange SENSEX is an indicator to checkout in BSE NIFTY is an indicator to checkout in NSE The Daily graph of thecompanies will be showed in following manner How stock exchanges get money They get their money by listing fees paid by the corporation to have their company traded It is just like a bank account.

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