Drift city easy money

Drift city easy money

Author: ASedinkin Date: 25.05.2017

This Game guide covers many small tricks and Techniques that are easily missed while playing, but make a Huge difference to your game play. Wednesday, April 6, I hope you like my Drift City guide! I have recently finished DEMON'S SOULS, which is said to be the hardest game of its Generation.

I used to agree, but after finishing it, and starting the game again I realise that if you are mentally prepared for a few things when you start, you can complete demon's souls without that much trouble. It will all be included in my guide to beating demons souls the easy way! His uk web design company is finally getting some recognition.

In two new sites will help define the way Russ is building websites. Click the link above to see the portfolio and work history. Posted by russlaw at 3: Tuesday, August 5, Drift City Racing Game Ultimate Strategy guide for starter players with HUV quick kill trick. I've just started working on this gaming guide, so please feel free to add comments and help me improve it.

I apologize if I have missed anything, or made a mistake, but I believe all information here about drift city is correct. I don't plan to cover everything, but just some of most helpful things to get new players going strong. I am Russlaw a freelance web designer, and you can find me at www.

I love this game, and I see many newer drivers missing out on some of the coolest things that are easily achievable. Make your new Car Look cool for less than Mito!!

Tutorial - Drift City:Fastest Way to get Mito | Gamerzplanet - For All Your Online Gaming Needs!

No G coins needed!!! Its not the easiest thing to find, but there are fantastic upgrade s for your car, that not only look cool, but increases its performance in 2 different areas!! This upgrade doesnt even need G coins, and its permanent!!

The upgrades vary for each car - but should only cost you about Mito to get started!! Press F4 anytime to enter the DRIFT SHOP.

Drift City Game guide for playing better, upgrading your car without G coins, and making Mito

You can use the v2 for some time while you save up mito for the v3. Get your next car cheap at Auction You can save Masses of cash by purchasing cars from the Auction House. Choose the CAR tick box at the top of the AH screen, and then choose the V number you need.

drift city easy money

I got a v3 here for 1, mito!! Remember that you can't sell a car you bought from the AH, back to the AH - So buying and selling used cars is NOT an option. Cheap Upgrades for your car. Don't bother going to the car parts shop. Just head on down to the Auction Room in the DOME.

This is the best place to buy ALL your upgrades. Once you enter the Auction Room its important to learn to use the Search feature, and also to view each particular set of items, and not everything at once. Use the search feature at the Auction House to start searching through each upgrade, starting with the lowest price first.

On ce you reach lvl 7 you will be able to use a whole new set of UPGRADES. You will still find that searching the Auctions you can find these parts for about 10 mito!!! At lvl 13 you can once again upgrade your stats.. Booster Protectors Booster Protector F is what I found I had accumulated in my inventory, and keeps the booster guage from decreasing after a collision for 30 seconds.

These are for the Missions you do in the cities. The biggest annoyance you have is building up your Booster nicely, and then loosing it all again when you knock a passing car or obstacle!

With this great little item you dont have to worry!! You will find that your constantly receiving these items for free, everytime you do a skill pass, or 20 combos.

You just open your inventory with f3 and then drag them to your quick slots on the right. Press key 1 or 2 to activate while driving. Damage Power Up - When and How to used them in game. HUV missions made easy!! HUV missions are a fantastic way to gain alot of Experience quickly. Here is how to complete an HUV mission in seconds!! When your approaching the line of HUV's you want to destroy them as quickly as possible, and not have to chase them around town for 5 mins.

Make sure your Booser Guage is charged and ready You NEED to be boosted to take out the line of HUVs, so if your booster guage is NOT at full, then turn around using drift before you get to close to the HUVs- Dont worry about the time ticking away..

drift city easy money

Once your Boosting towards the line of HUVs, just activate your 'Damage Power Up' which you cna place in slot 2 and smash headlong into the line of HUV's. You will Destroy ALL of them in one single hit!! Skill passes Use your Booster Protector F so that even if you collide with an oncoming vehicle, you wont loose your Boost.

Making Money at auctions Its really easy to use the above guide, to buy VERY cheap items and see them at 5 times the price. PANDA, and DRAGONFLY tokens can be bought for as little as 20 mito, and sold quickly and easily for 99 mito or more. Racing in the Battle zone also applies to Driving on Missions By Driving in the left lane towards oncoming traffic your Booster guage will increase at double speed!

Drift City Reckless Driving technique You can keep increasing the boosterguage by doing Skill passes. By Driving closely past other traffic you perform a skill pass, and you'll see your Combo increase, and most importantly your Booster guage will rise be several points quickly.

drift city easy money

I couldn't even get the left arrow to work while I was holding the accelerate up arrow. I thought for a moment, and then tried the good old W , A, S, D keys that I use for most games like battle field 2 - and GTA They work perfectly, and I always use these for driving.

Drift City Racing game Luancher Issue Fix I just tried to install Drift City on an older PC with a an FX video card. It kept freezing at the Launcher screen after I had pressed PLAY LIVE.

I got it to work by updating my Direct X to the latest version, and also my Nvidia Driver. After this the game worked!! No more launcher problems or anything.

Drift City - Money Making Guide - 1mil! - Part 1

The Online aspect of Drift city makes it the ultimate Racing Game. Posted by russlaw at 2: Drift City Starter Guide. Drift City Mission 35 seconds left to get this mission done About Me russlaw View my complete profile.

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