Make money creating excel spreadsheets

Make money creating excel spreadsheets

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You can learn how to keep track of your yearly or monthly expenses and income by knowing how to make a personal budget on Excel.

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A budget spreadsheet is a simple way to find out how you spend your money without buying budgeting software. Using a spreadsheet also allows you customize your budget based on your particular situation.

Een persoonlijk budget opstellen in Excel.

make money creating excel spreadsheets

Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes. Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas Keep track of your income and spending for 1 or 2 months before creating your Excel budget. Evaluate your income at the end of the first or second month to determine your average monthly earnings. Unless you are self-employed, it may be easier to use your take-home pay instead of your gross income. Look at what you have spent money on during the 1 or 2 month period, and make categories for your budget based on that.

You may want to set up broad categories, such as housing, food, and debt repayment, and then set up sub-categories within them, such as mortgage or rent, utilities, and repairs under the housing category.

Type the name of each month in the top row of the budget spreadsheet, and start in column B. Type the word "Income" in column A of the second row. Under the word "Income," list all your sources of income for each month, including your paycheck, your spouse's paycheck, any bonuses or commissions you receive, interest or dividends, and any other sources of income.

Under the list of income, type the words "Total Income. B 2 in the box next to the box containing "Total Income.

How to Make a Personal Budget on Excel (with Pictures) - wikiHow

It should be for January. The formula will automatically add up learn stock trade in toronto income for each month.

Creating and developing spreadsheets

Instead of "letter," type the corresponding letter of the column C, D, E, etc. Add a final column to total make money creating excel spreadsheets income for the year. Type this next to the column for December.

Type the word "Expenses" in the next row underneath the Income section in column A.

make money creating excel spreadsheets

Choose a category to insert underneath expenses. For example, type the word "Housing" in the row under "Expenses" in column A. List any expenses for housing in the rows below.

Include items stock broker directory uk as repairs, the cost or rent of your mortgage, utilities, telephone and Internet service, furnishings, and landscaping. The business computing career options will calculate how much you've spent for housing during each month.

Type "Anticipated" or "Estimated" in column A of the row below "Total," and then type in what you expect to spend on housing during each month based on your previous tracking. You'll be able to compare your spending with what you would like to spend by looking at the "Total" number compared to the "Estimated. Continue to set up sections on the Excel spreadsheet for each category of your personal budget. Type "Total Expenses" in column A in the row beneath all your budget sections.

B 2where is the first row number of the list of expenses and 2 is the final row number of the list of expenses. Repeat in the remaining columns.

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make money creating excel spreadsheets

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